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Tech Qualified

Apr 10, 2020

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown chat with two marketing leaders from JazzHR. The conversation features the CMO, Allie Kelly, and the Content & Communication Manager, Kelly Peters, of JazzHR. The conversation provides a glimpse into their backgrounds, uncovers how the organization leverages content within their overall marketing strategy and dives a little deeper into what JazzHR has done to respond to the uncertainties prospects face right now.

Episode Highlights:

  • Allie Kelly and Kelly Peters each discuss their professional work experience and what has brought them to JazzHR
  • JazzHR helps organizations streamline their hiring process, especially smaller organizations that don’t have the internal infrastructure in place to manage the entire process
  • Allie discusses the transition JazzHR has made from a complete “on-premise” team to a fully remote team
  • The two professionals discuss how JazzHR has become a way for organizations to leverage remote hiring practices
  • Allie breaks down the unique offer JazzHR developed to help health care organizations with their hiring process during the coronavirus pandemic
  • With applicant tracking software, there are a number of solutions available to companies and the market is crowded
  • JazzHR has a big commitment to helping out their channel partners
  • JazzHR is essentially a 100% inbound organization, using content and other marketing initiatives to drive demand for their software 
  • Even though JazzHR has a price point that seems transactional, the sales process operates very much like an enterprise sale because it touches everyone within the organization
  • JazzHR has an extremely low churn rate and content plays an important role in this process
  • The organization leverages feedback from customers to generate ideas and content topics
  • JazzHR uses a lot of data to build helpful reports and other educational content for prospects and customers
  • Engaging with peers and colleagues remains one of the biggest sources of inspiration & information for their existing roles                                    

Key Points:

  1. JazzHR created a completely free offer for organizations in the midst of this pandemic situation and built an entire campaign around it to get more traction and simply help their community
  2. JazzHR’s marketing team brainstormed ideas on how to respond to the social distancing situation and settled in on a solution that just aimed to be helpful
  3. JazzHR commits to taking a thought leadership approach to attract prospects at the top of the funnel

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